UE Medical's products as "Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment”


China Medical Equipment Association has recently come up with lists of "Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment” for 27 categories after rounds of expert assessments. The selected enterprises and products are now announced.

We are very proud to be on the lists for the following products:

  • Video Laryngoscope (UED series, UET series, TDC series, VL310 series, TD-C series)

  • Disposable Medical Laryngeal Mask (VLM series)

  • ENT:

    •         Video Otoscope (VOIS1 series);

    •         Video Nasoscope (VNS1 series);

    •         Video Laryngoscope (VLS2 series)

  • Flexible Videoscope (TIC series, PL-F series, etc.)

  • Video Stylet (TRS series)