ENT: Video Otoscope | Video Rhinoscope | Video Laryngoscope
Product features
One device, integrating the function of Video Otoscope, Video Rhinoscope and Video Laryngoscope with multi-specification scopes.
Lightweight, portable, cordless for movable diagnosis and treatment.
Single use cover to reduce cross-contamination.
Wide angle lens, wide filed of view. Photo and video recording. Screen rotation for easy observation.
ENT Models
Product Scope Model Length of scope (mm) Working Length (mm) Max OD (mm)
Video Otoscope VOS1-01 70 30 16
Video Otoscope VOS1-02 140 90 4.4
Video Rhinoscope VNS1-01 224 175 4
Video Laryngoscope VLS2-01 234 185 8.5
Video Laryngoscope VLS2-02 234 185 8.5
Technical Specification
Display Standby time Rotation angle
3’’ >3h Front and rear ≥120°
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