Flexible Videoscope
Product features
Combining all advantageous designs, the flexible videoscope is “the specialist in all kinds of airways”.
Diagnosing and treating at the same time, it is powerful in difficult-and-emergent-airway situations. It is still very strong when we have the least information of a patient.
External diameter Working channel Bending angle
2.6mm - 160° Up and 130° Down
2.8mm - 130° Up and Down
3.1mm ≥1.2mm 160° Up and 130° Down
3.8mm - 130° Up and Down
3.9mm ≥1.5mm 160° Up and 130° Down
4.5mm ≥1.5mm 130° Up and Down
5.2mm ≥2.2mm 130° Up and Down
5.2mm ≥2.6mm 160° Up and 130° Down
5.5mm ≥2.4mm 130° Up and Down
Technical Specification
Display Standby time Rotation angle Angle of vison Product weight Memory
3’’ >3h Front and rear 0°-180°, left and right 0°-180° 90° 500g 32G
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